Please help! Movie set in older days maybe 1800s

Okay, so I saw this movie a year or two ago on Netflix! Stick with me because I don’t remember a whole lot of details. It was kind of a weird movie, pretty slow going but really interesting. So if i remember correctly there was a young lady who was married or soon to be married to her cousin(maybe brother) some kind of distant relative that was very ill and needed someone to take care of him. But she liked (was in love with) another guy. So her and this guy plot to kill said husband(soon to be husband) so they kill him and I think they make it look like he died naturally. Well they begin to notice his mom or caretaker was catching on to them so they gave her some kind of poison that made her paralyzed and a mute. They then towards the end of the movie roll her wheel chair Into the water, killing her. Please help!!! I know it’s not a lot to go off of but it is driving me insane. It was a great movie

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