Please help me identify an independent (I think?) film

I think I watched this film between 2004-2009.  I don’t remember any of the actors being largely famous.  I believe the movie was in English or at least had English subtitles.  It was in color.

I think I could have watched this film on IFC.

I remember a woman moving into a small town, set in winter with snow and ice.  The town may have been in Alaska, Canada, or maybe even Russia.  I think she played or arranged music, maybe in the old town church? or theatre?  I remember several of the people in the town began singing/playing instruments/dancing.  I think some of them fell in love, developed into passionate relationships, etc.  I remember some people in the town going against this woman, the music, and marked the whole situation as being wrong and bad.

I will be sincerely grateful for anyone who can help me identify this film.  I wish I had better details, but this is what I can remember so I humbly ask for your help!  🙂

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