Please help me find the title of the film

I remember only a part of the movie… i saw this movie in around year 2006 or 2007 like that… it was an english movie. Kind of a magic and fantasy genre


The part was….

There were 2 sisters and one day they went into the forest. They had special bond powers where they cannot be attacked if they were holding hands. So in the forest they ended up an evil witch and when the witch tried to do something the 2 sisters hold their hands together so they had powers. The witch then tried to scare the elder sister but she wasnt scared. Then the witch scared the younger sister and she was really scared so she left her sisters hand and ran out of the place. Then the younger sister ran back to her mother and started crying. Then the elder sister returned with a scary evil face and a tattoo or something on her neck(i guess). So the elder sister became evil since the witch has entered her body or something.


Please help me find this movie…

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