Please help me figure out what movie this is from


I have been trying to figure out this movie, but all I can remember is a scene from the movie.  Seriously, I am getting anxiety and panic feelings because I can’t figure it out.  The scene is where there is a guy (who I think is Jim Carrey, but don’t know) and he is sitting around a table with people.  He might be held captive or not, I don’t know.  He says something funny or tells a joke, and everybody starts laughing loud and the actor starts laughing and pumping his arms back and forth because he thinks that he is so funny.  Like I said, it might be Jim Carrey, but I don’t know.  He might be sitting next to a friend too, but the rest of the people aren’t friends I don’t think.  Please help.  Thanks, Josh

5 thoughts on “Please help me figure out what movie this is from

    1. Roxanne, You are an angel and I mean that. The word “love” gets thrown around loosely in our society today, but I truly do love you. When I saw that clip you posted, I screamed in joy! Thank-you so much, Josh

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