Pit death fights for money

I remember going to a friends house in the early 90s to watch a movie on VHS. I remember it involved people fighting in a concrete pit to the death and people would bet on the outcome. In the end I vaguely remember the main character and a couple of friends burning the place to escape to freedom.

2 thoughts on “Pit death fights for money

    1. I made this profile after I posted this question. This is a great idea for a site, wish I had found this sooner. I watched the trailer and a few scenes from this movie and it doesn’t look familiar. With my limited description I have been trying to find out what movie it was for over ten years. You may be right with your guess however because I was only nine when I first saw it. The movies might be similar, but then again how many movies have had the fight to the death in a pit for money premise. If you have seen “Unleshed” with Jet Lee, one scene where he fights the group of guys in the pit reminds me of the movie I’m thinking of.

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