Pilot and Lifetime Movies

I have two movies: First One: A Pilot or Naval Aviation movie where a lady is a switch board operator at some plane station and one day her husband and another colleague flew planes but his blow up and he went to heaven but they show it like he’s in the woods and a lady is cutting his hair and shaving him and his spirit would go to the station and watch over his colleagues, I think there’s a scene in the movie where it’s his wife birthday and they give her gifts and the other men danced with her, she was the only woman at the station.   [SOLVED: Always]

Second One: A lifetime movie and also a Christmas movie where a teacher hanged himself because a little girl accused him of molesting her ,while he was killing himself a group of persons were outside singing Christmas carols, then his daughter or granddaughter saw him hanged up and 10-15 years later she seek revenge.

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