personalized torture chamber and sex on a tree top

the film is quite surreal and consists of -at least in my mind- separated stories. the atmosphere seems to be around 1910’s in a parallel universe. film must be released around 2000’s i saw it around 2003 at tv.

stories i remember are:

-a big chamber of torture where each torture has been personalized by the management to fit the individuals likes so they can go on without stopping with an illusion of that they want to go on. the main character was in a giant wheel if the wheel is turned clock wise he shouts as he runs in the wheel “i love progress” and if counter clock wise “i hate progress”. he’s been trained to assassin archduke to start a world war.

-a master painter and a professor known for his extraordinary technique is busted on a tree during sex by a school teacher and her class. this sex on the tree is like a technique he’s experimenting while the canvas and his tools were below.

that’s all i can remember

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