Person in Wig Bursts into Apartment – Attacks Woman There – Saved by Police

One scene is where a man, having just left a bar, is walking at night possibly in the rain on a city street with construction scaffolding and canvas up over the sidewalks and colored lights illuminating the street (Similar to a scene in The First Deadly Sin – 1980). He thinks he hears someone in the dark and trails after the unknown person. The unknown person, however, gets away unseen, and the man trailing gives up.


The ending climax is where a woman enters her city apartment. Minutes later, a person with a weird (old woman’s?) wig and disguise bursts in the door and begins attacking the woman. The police? then enter and eventually subdue person, saving the woman. (Similar to a scene in Dead Again – 1991)


I think this was a made for TV movie or TV episode. It is not The First Deadly Sin, Dead Again, Dressed to Kill, The Rain Killer, Sliver Sea of Love, Someone’s Watching Me. Please help.


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