Peeping Tom gets “tricked”

This is kind of embarrassing but I remember seeing this scene as a young kid and it left an impression on me and I’ve always wondered what it was. All I remember is this man is trying to “get with” this woman, and she brushes him off/kind of runs away from him. That was the vibe anyway. In the scene I remember, he was being a creep and looking through a hole in the wall into the/a girls’ dressing room, where they’re all tittering about, and for some reason cheer the main female character on to “take it off!” (Her bra). The man’s excited obviously, and the main female character seems to know he is watching because just as she’s about to remove her bra, she (or another girl) covers up the hole he’s looking through. I think the man’s friend/some other male character comes in to move the plot forward right after that happens. Then the scene goes back to the women who are more relaxed knowing he’s gone for the moment.

That’s all I remember! I saw it between 1999-2001 on TV. I think it was color but it may have been black and white. Had the energy of something from the 50s-70s.

I know this is a long shot but it’s always bothered me that I can’t find it, even just for curiosity’s sake. Thanks

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