Parody/Comedy About Jesus Being Chased By S And T

There is a low budget comedy about God and his creation. From the beginning there are two guys S and T (Science and Technology) who are chasing Jesus through all the film. The Jesus is played by a short chubby (fat) guy. Remember in the beginning the were Adam and Eve and shown in a forest not in a very decent way. Basically everything has being taken a mickey.

I watched it sometime in 2010-2012, but not sure what year the movie was made.

Please, does anybody know the title of the film? Searched everything and everywhere but unsuccessful 🙁

PS I do apologise if this offends anybody in a religious way…

11 thoughts on “Parody/Comedy About Jesus Being Chased By S And T

  1. I solved this on another site. Irtmadmin, can I please have this solve, I’ve been nailing ’em lately, but it’s been 2 weeks sinc ed I had a response. Here is the link:

    1. I feel your pain, but I’m not sure I want to go down that route. If that site honors solves made on our site, I’d reciprocate.

  2. Ok, I did ask the OP to credit me on this site, so we’ll see. I seem to have a hard time getting responses, no matter how many I seem to get right, wondering if it has to do with email notifications?

    1. I’m in the same boat, lots of correct answers and no response! I don’t think people realize that they are basically asking us for a favor. You would think that they could at least respond when we come through for them! At least you’re still ahead of me!
      For now:)

  3. What the heck happened? The op did come back yesterday and finally credited me with this solve, but it was cleared off with a bunch of other postings?

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