Parody(?) with aliens and sexual content

Some weird movie I always remember but can’t find.

I think it’s a paper UFO on the cover and some of the characters from the film but not sure, never actually saw it for real since I got it with my phone.

Starts of by a couple having sex on a field and if I remember it right they where in the middle of a stone circle, kind of like stonehenge, when they suddenly hear some sounds and start to panic before they are abducted. Later we see a scene where the dude and girl are laying on some operating tables and they start to drill the guy in the ass (we see his face “only”) until he dies(?) and can’t remember if we ever see them doing anything to the girl but according to the description to the film she gets impregnated. Later we jump to a tv channel(?) where they are reporting about aliens and seeing a UFO but in reality it’s just some cut out cardboard pulled by strings by two guys I think. Then we jump to where the reporter is using a wip on her boss. (which might be her husband or something, can’t remember).

That’s all, never saw anything more than that, but I think I could be interesting to finally know what that movie was called.

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