Only saw the trailer

There was an ad on YouTube which was a trailer for a movie that I didn’t catch the name of…..

A group of people sitting around a dinner table telling stories of where they are from, how they met their partners, where they honeymooned ect. Everyone’s stories are very similar – most from Philly and Chicago, met on a train to Boston, she dropped her ticked and he picked it up, honeymooned in the poconos….. one woman raises the point that they have all had similar experiences and accuses one of them men of ‘doing something to them’. He then says she’s not taking her medication, insinuating she’s crazy.
She asks if anyone has asked about some ‘project’, which I assume is why they are all together and the man that has ‘done something to them’ is the one in charge.
the trailer ends with him asking her if that’s why she went to headquarters, to find out about the project…….

it’s a new movie, I can’t tell you any of the actors in it, some looked familiar but I don’t know their names. Hoping someone can tell me what movie this is as I’d love to see it!!

4 thoughts on “Only saw the trailer

  1. I t isn’t in the trailer, maybe you saw a scene? (haven’t seen it) but it sounds like it could be Don’t Worry Darling.

    1. You are right, Will, sorry it was a scene rather than the trailer. And THANK YOU for giving me the name of the movie, it certainly is Don’t Worry Darling. Cheers for that 😊

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