Older western/outlaw/cowboy themed movie

i saw this movie about 1979. on tv. so it could have been older i think it took a few years for stuff to show up on basic tv…well you know.
it was a western type frontier movie. i think some folks were battling or chasing after each other.
the ending is the part that really stayed with me i was only about 5.
a man and a woman are lying and snuggling on a blanket behind a large fallen down tree trunk. kinda looked like the headboard if they were on the bed. they were very in love and were so excited to be with each other. a gunshot rings out and the man grabs his revolver and using the tree trunk as cover starts defending himself and the woman. there aren’t anymore incoming bullets and when he reaches for the lady she is crying softly and when her turns to her there is a bloody bullet hole through her chest. it was very chilling. i’m pretty sure the guy cried out in anguish and then the credits rolled. can’t be sure.
i don’t have anything else. i think the beautiful woman had red hair. they wore old west type clothes and a lot of desert canyon high plains type setings.
something i had no real business watching at age 5.
love to watch it again.

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