Older Movie With Aliens?

I saw this movie when I was a kid, so sometime in the mid 90s. I’m guessing that this movie came out before 1995. The movie was in color but not a very modern so I’d guess it came out between the 70s or 80s. The movie was in english. It obviously wasn’t a big film by any means. No notable cast I can recall.

Mind you, I haven’t been able to find or figure out what this movie is for years. So I’ll do my best to put together what I can remember.

The only scene that I remember clearly is a scene with these young children interacting. One was from earth and the others from another planet? The “alien” children wore blue jumpsuits. The earth child wanted to help the space children leave the base where they were being kept?

I also remember a scene where they add water to these foil packets to make children? There’s like a group of them that have been made by the government or something like that.

There was a chase scene and some tension but it was never graphic. My parents were really strict so I don’t think it was a horror movie?

Recently I’ve been trying to find it because it’s driving me INSANE not being able to remember what this movie is. Literally no one I’ve ever talked to has seen this movie and none of my family remember it. I stumbled upon another post where someone suggested wavelength but after scanning through it I dont think that’s the movie. It is similar in some ways though, I believe there are pods in the movie I cannot remember as well.

Thank you so much in advance. This is one of the greatest puzzles of my life. If I can figure out what that movie was I can die happy.

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  1. “Earthbound” (1981)?

    It’s a family film from the right time period and it involves a family of aliens stranded on Earth and wearing blue jumpsuits. The entire movie is on YouTube. I posted it below, but please forgive the poor quality. It’s a bad VHS recording from a TV airing as I don’t think this movie ever had a legit video release.

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