Older movie set in vietnam-like island

I saw this movie a while ago on television. It was in color, but was a little grainy. There were actors I recognized, but they looked younger, so I knew it was an old movie. I don’t recall much about it, apart from it being set in a vietnam-like island, where there were tribe-like people, and English settler type people. I think there might have been during some sort of colonial war. There was a man that used to be a soldier. He may have been a POW with this tribe. He falls in love with one of the women in the tribe. All I remember is this scene at the end of the movie. The man and woman escape on a canoe, but they don’t have any supplies. They both get famished and thirsty. He loves her so much, that he tries to give her their last water. When all the water is gone, he spits in her mouth, just to give her something. I think shortly after that scene, they get rescued. It has been killing me for years to not know the name of the movie. I have asked every movie buff I know. If you have any idea, please help.

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  1. I know you said it is a Vietnam like island but what type of natives are they? Polynesian type natives or Native american type natives? Or African Natives?

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