Old Woman Driven to Suicide

My mom recalls watching this moving as a teen about an Old woman that lives in a bad neighborhood. She lives off of social security benefits and relies on a check in the mail every month. Aware of this, a burglar enters her house every month and calmly asks her to hand over the money. Without struggle, she hands it over to him every time without fail. This happens so often that the doors to her house are often open, welcoming in the burglar but it’s only a facade. The truth of the matter is, there is nothing she can do to fend him off and if she were to lock her doors, he’d probably enter by force or worse, kill the her. The old woman only has one person she can consider a friend that visits her every now ‘n then to see how she’s doing, aware of the trouble the burglar causes her. The old lady wants so desperately to move away from this place but cannot afford to do so. Eventually, the several inhabitants of the neighborhood form a meeting discussing what they should do to stop the violence and mischief that takes place in the neighborhood. The effort is fruitless, as eventually towards the end of the movie, the poor old woman cannot bare to live under the stress of this reoccurring stranger. She commits suicide, ending her forced devotion to giving the burglar her money.

I’m uncertain how old this movie is but I assume it’s from the 1980s or older but not old enough to be in black and white. The movie is most likely a Hollywood movie.

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