Old thriller movie

There’s a young woman standing in a shop, looks like an antique or curio store, and she is staring out the window. I believe she had dark hair, but it’s black and white, so it might have been hard to tell. I think there was another woman with her to the right on screen, who ran the shop. The camera cuts to the window, where outside some little girls are jumping rope and chanting a nursery rhyme. They might be blond. I think there are two of them. It cuts back to the woman looking out the window, who says “Those kids-” and looks horrified or scared. The kids had a creepy vibe, like children in a horror movie. I guess there was some significance to them. That’s all I remember, so the woman may have finished her sentence and I forgot it. For a while I was convinced that it was from the old Twilight Zone episodes from the sixties, but I watched all the ones I have and haven’t seen anything like that. I also keep searching on the Internet about this show and girls jumping rope, but nothing helpful comes up. I saw it a long time ago when I was a kid, maybe ten years ago, so my memory is fuzzy. There’s the gist of it; I may have gotten some details wrong. Thanks so much if you can help!

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  1. “The Naked Kiss”(1964)? There is a scene of some girls jumping rope and singing while a woman stares at them from her jail cell window and it is kinda creepy. This scene is close to the end of the movie.

  2. The Twilight Zone episode that would be closest to that is Nightmare of a Child. There is a blonde girl chanting a nursery rhyme. I don’t think she’s jumping rope and it’s just her. And she is an apartment building by the stairs I think. She does seem creepy.

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