Old sci fi horror

Hi Im looking for this old I think from ’90 sci fi horror movie  and cant find it anywhere. From what I remember there was a group of some soldiers who try to stop an evil machine robot I think it was on a space station or some factory. Robot killed almost all of them and one of the main characters build a tank looking thing with a big gatling gun I think and was fighting that evil machine. I have no clue what is the title and its not, Virus, Hardware, saturn 3, space truckers, evil machine robot jox for sure. If anybody can help I whould be super gratefull cause Im looking for this movie for a very long time.

11 thoughts on “Old sci fi horror

  1. Its not a moontrap or death machine unfortunally 🙁 somebody have a clue? I know the evil machine robot had like red light as an eye or something like that

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