Old Santsa claus animation video

Hi, I have asked around the internet with no luck, hopefully here will help me?

I remember what happens in the movie but not the title. And it’s a story about how Santa claus became Santa! It starts with an old-ish man coming into the snow covered woods to live. He finds this old wooden cabin and lives there. He makes wooden toys and paints them himself. On his first night, he could hear little people whispering above him. Then the next or so days, he left some paint out and a reindeer appeared, thinking it was jam. So now the man has a friend and gives him jam. Then he met the little people who were whispering before. They were elves and were worried he was bad or something. And decided that the man can stay as long as he stays out of trouble. A boy and girl elf become friends with him and help him with his toys.

One day when he was I think putting moss inbetween the wooden walls of his home to keep drafts out, he was talking with his reindeer when the girl elf started screming for his help, all panic because the boy was in trouble. The boy was stuck in a log and a warthog was trying to get at him. Once the man got there, he was able to scare away the warthog. The next night though, the warthog came back and killed the man. The elfs were crying, the girl upset more, then suddenly a bright light and a women dressed in white appeared saying she could help them. She brought the man back alive and gave him the power to give all children what they wanted every christmas. So that’s all I remember, I would love to remember the title. Thanks!

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