Old people start to die for no reason

I never actually saw the movie. I just got to see the beginning because it accidentally recorded from the TV to the VHS after the movie I really wanted to see ended.


I only got to see an old man asleep in his bed that starts sweating and gasping for air. And it cuts off to other old people in their beds gasping and sweating (like dying). It presents a snowy village, like showing you that while everybody else is sleeping, those people are dying. Then the screen goes black; and  white liquid starts pouring over the screen and shows you the title. BUT I CANNOT REMEMBER IT!


It’s probably and american film ( but I never heard anyone talking during the little bit I recorded) but it isn’t a silent film, and even though I can’t be sure, I’m quite certain it’s a film and not a series or short film. I can predict its around 1980′s and 1990′s since I was recording ALIENS (starting Sigorney Weaver) directly from the TV set.


It would mean a lot all your help. I don’t even have the VHS anymore and always wonder what movie was it. I would love to finally watch it. Thanks for your help.


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