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Once again, a movie from my child hood. When I was a very young boy, there were three networks, ABC, CBS and NBC. These were all on VHF and could be picked up with rabbit ear antennas. Then there was one independent station, KBMA, which was located in the Business Man’s Assurance building in Kansas City.

Saturday programming was different then. The three networks in the morning aired cartoons. The independent had community programs. In the afternoons, the three network affiliates would air older movies and comedies. The independents would air “wrastling”. Had the likes of Bob Giegle and “Bull Dog” Bob Brown and the “Drill Sergent” beating each other up in phony wrestling.

So I remember this old movie from the 50’s that was a Korean War ordinance flick. There was nothing special about it, however one scene that I remember is that there were a group of American GIs trapped in a Buddhist temple and there was a tank outside that kept them pinned in the temple. One of the GIs had a Bazooka, but naturally only one rocket for it. He went outside and was aiming the Bazooka at the tank, taking his time when his buddy told him “don’t make love to the thing, fire it!” The rocket took out the tank, the guys got out and the movie was over. It seems that the Temple that they were trapped in was an underground Temple, but then I was very young.

I know that ordinance flicks were a dime a dozen in the 50’s and 60’s and that WWII was still fresh in a whole generation of men quickly entering middle age. I would like to find this movie, not only because that scene still is in my mind after all these years, but I would like to learn more about the context of the movie.

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Joe Herdler

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