Old Movie Where from the beggining to the end one incident in a scene is the catalyst to the next.

I watched this movie around 2005-2006 on TV, it was on “The Hallmark Channel”. The entire movie from the beginning is a bunch of seemingly random scenes and people but each incident/scene is the catalyst for the next. Kind of like a butterfly effect influenced theme, but there are no possible alternate realities shown. Just a fluid continuous movement of one scene to the next due to an element that chains them altogether. I also remember the last scene in the movie where someone looks up in the sky and sees an airplane passing by. I think (but im not 100% sure) that that last scene sort of ties up the movie by linking the last scene to the first scene. Ive been searching for this movie on and off for clearly more than a decade now. Someone please help!!!!!

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  1. Probably not The Phantom of Liberty or Slacker, but the structure is the same. You may want to try looking for “film’s influenced by Slacker.”

  2. Yeah I checked those and it wasn’t. I also checked “films influenced by slacker” but apparently there is a slacker genre which unfortunately refers to the “laid-back/hipster mindset” type of movies. So it points me in a totally different direction. But I get your point as “Slacker” does have that element of connected scenes that im looking for. Thanks for the suggestion anyways, Ill keep looking and maybe someone who knows will comment here.

    1. No thats not it either. This movie didnt have any well known actors that I can remember to be honest and its like a couple decades older than Noel for sure. Thanks for trying anyway.

  3. So I found a movie I had watched as a kid, I think it’s one I had flashbacks of people in frozen ocean. I’m watching it and it is very similar to your description and came out 1984. I hope you’re still checking this site so you can let me know. Lol
    Flight 90: Disaster on the Potomac

    1. I still do check from time to time and was surprised when I saw this reply. Sadly its not the one I’m looking for. Thanks for not giving up on me.

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