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I will make this blog post question very clear. Please read very carefully.

If you watch the ”Mighty Ducks” episode, “Buzz Blitzman Mighty Duck” in the kimcartoon video link posted deep below, you will see Chameleon spoofing a certain actor/character saying: “Welcome to my humble abode. We’re always for new fresh brains.” at the time interval 1:28 of the episode.

As we all know, Chameleon has been known to transform into and spoof all kinds of past celebrities from actors to comedians like Groucho Marx, Oliver Hardy, William F. Buckley, and so on…

However, this one actor/character he is spoofing in this particular episode at 1:28 remains a mystery to me.

So, my questions are this:

1) Who is Chameleon spoofing at 1:28 of the episode?

2) Which movie/show is it from?

PS: This episode came out in 1996, which means that the movie/show of which Chameleon is spoofing is either from the 80’s or 90’s or much earlier, so, therefore, it is NOT a movie/show from the 2000’s or 2010’s so, please be careful with what movie/show you suggest could be the one he is spoofing.

Plus, it is NOT A Series of Unfortunate Events, neither the movie nor the show.

Take care and good luck.


11 thoughts on “Old movie or show? Quote

    1. I don’t think Karloff ever said it, certainly not as the Frankenstein Monster. He only spoke in Bride of Frankenstein and didn’t say it there. I thought maybe he did in Mad Monster Party, but I don’t think so. I think they just used him because it sounds like something he would say.

      1. “As creepy as if Boris Karloff had opened the front door and intoned, “Welcome to my humble abode.” – This is from a review of the film Annabelle. The person who wrote this review I think is referencing a film where Karloff says this line or less likely is referencing the episode of Mighty Ducks that spoofs Karloff as it describes the scene in the cartoon exactly. Obviously Karloff did say this line at some point in a film where he greets a visitor ominously at the front door. I agree it’s probably not whilst playing Frankenstein.

        1. Not necessarily. There are a lot of famous celebrity movie quotes that don’t exist. James Cagney never said, “You dirty rat.”

          1. But Cagney said a variation of that line! Misremembering exactly how a line went is entirely different from fabricating an entire scene out of whole cloth. “You dirty rat” was misremembered through impressions of James Cagney doing the original line. Both the review and the Mighty Ducks cartoon are referencing a moment in a film (even if it’s a misremembered impression) where Karloff opens the front door and says, “Welcome to my humble abode.” To what are the cartoon and the review referencing, even if it’s a misremembering of Karloff, is the point.

    1. If Karoff said it in a movie, googling doesn’t produce it and I never heard an impressionist have him say it.

      1. You’ve heard one at least! – In this episode of Mighty Ducks. And I googled the phrase and Karloff, and came up with an unrelated review that describes the scene from the cartoon as if it may exist in a movie somewhere. As Google is not helpful currently, you and I are going to watch Karloff’s entire filmography to find the origin (if any) of this line. I wish us both good luck. Ready? Go!

  1. Ernest Thesiger as Dr. Pretorius says “my humble abode” to Colin Clive’s Dr. Frankenstein in Bride of Frankenstein, but not “Welcome to.”

    1. You don’t have to watch his entire filmography. There are not that many movie where he has people at his home. And some if those I know don’t have it. If there is a source I think it is most likely Bride of Frankenstein where it is almost said by someone else. Maybe he says it in Frankenstein 1970. I never saw that. But otherwise there are not a whole lot of possibilities.

      1. Mr. Wong Detective (1938) 4:19 mins Karloff: “If you will forgive my humble surroundings” – Don’t Give Up! We can do this.

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