Old man tricks wife’s lover by killing him while baiting him with insurance scam

What I remember from the movie is a lengthy scene where a younger man enters a wealthy older man’s house, and telling him he is running away with his wife. Because he’s poor, he tells him that if he still loves her he will give them the money to live a happy life.

The older man tells him that he won’t just give him the money, but instead instructs him to break into his house to steal something from a safe (maybe a vase?). He can steal the object from the safe and insurance will cover the object. This way it will be a win-win situation.

The older man instructs the younger man as he breaks in, guiding him through the house. I believe the young man falls at this point and hurts himself, after which the old man shoots him. The cops arrive on the scene later, having been alerted to a break-in. The old man claims the shot a burglar trying to get into his house.

The last thing I remember is seeing a detective-type person, perhaps smoking, entering the house.

I saw this scene a long time ago, probably atleast 10 years ago. I thought the older man was played by Anthony Hopkins, but that only brings up a similar movie that I have seen, where he plays his own lawyer and outsmarts another lawyer. The movie sounds familiar to the scene I described, but this exact scene doesn’t seem to be in the movie.

It was on TV, in color and in English.

Thank you in advance!

9 thoughts on “Old man tricks wife’s lover by killing him while baiting him with insurance scam

    1. Yeah exactly, that’s the movie I kept finding, but when I watched it this scene wasn’t in there. I’ll check again, but I don’t think this is it.

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