Old Frankenstein style movie, maybe satiric?

Hello there!

I saw this movie quite a while ago (10 years?) and here are the details I remember:

– black and white, though I’m not sure if it was really old or made to look old

– Frankenstein style scientist, who had “creations” running errands for him

– those creations could be regenerated if he even had the smallest bodypart, for example a finger, that would be placed into a machine (I distinctly remember a metal spiral) and run through with electricity

– I think I remember that the creations were kidnapping young women for the scientist to cast them in wax (I’m not sure, I could be mixing this up)

– I also think those creations murdered at least a few people

– underneath all the grimness, I remember the movie having a humorous undertone, which is why I think it could have been satirical

– the whole movie had a little bit of a Frankenstein / the Munsters / the Addams family vibe to it.

I’d be really grateful if someone remembers this 🙂

Thx, Caramelia

5 thoughts on “Old Frankenstein style movie, maybe satiric?

  1. Wow, grover you are good! I remembered the movie to be in black + white, but that may be a mistake on my side, as everything else fits perfectly!

    I call this an extraordinarily expedient SOLVE!

  2. I credit you with one Solve, Grover. No extra points for your extraordinary expediency, though it is appreciated.

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