Old film about a woman who keeps moving from place to place!!!!!!!!!!

This is a older movie that I saw on tv. It had nudity and graphic language etc. The movie starts out with a young teenage married couple. The guy clearly is kind of nerdy and has issues and the girl is a hot young teen. They are living with one of their aunt and uncle. The young wife has sex with the uncle and the aunt puts her out. Her husband then commits suicide by jumping off of a bridge or something. The girl gets put into a psych facility and she refuses to take the pills because she knows they’ll make her crazy. She starts to have a affair with one of the (female) guards and the female guard lets her move in with her. When the guard leaves for work, the girl leaves the house and hitchhikes a truck driver. She has sex with the truck driver in the back of his truck as a way to pay him back I guess. When she arrives at her destination she gets a new job as a waitress on roller skates where this hot guitar playing guy sings a song to her to try to get her to go out with him. Her and him start a relationship and she’s with him in his tattoo shop where she gets a tattoo! When things go wrong she burns down his shop, takes all of his money and leaves a giant amount of cocaine on the table. She leaves again and meets this old guy who wants her. The old guy is rich and starts to take care of her but he has some sort of mafia ties and eventually gets killed in his house. She leaves again I think and goes  to another place and is at someone’s wedding as a waitress or servant or whatever. The brides son takes a liking to her. He’s from a wealthy family and knows that they are from two different worlds but he still pursues her. He proposes to her and his family didn’t approve of her and that made him angry enough to hit her later on. Then she gets pregnant and one night in bed he hits her after discovering she had a tattoo. When she has the baby he still hits her so she took her child and left him quietly. His attourneys gave her husband custody because of her criminal background an history. She is devastated but has visitation rights. She leaves again to pursue a career I guess and the movie ends with her walking down the sidewalk of a city thinking about getting her career going so that she can get her son again one day!

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