Old Cartoon Kids Movie

I remember when I was younger I watched this movie that I’m pretty sure was on VHS. It was a cartoon movie. It could’ve been a TV show too, but I can’t remember. I don’t think it was though. Anyways, all I can remember is that this kid is in the hallway of, like, his school (I think) and he goes through a door and it basically takes him to a whole other world. In the world he meets a skeleton boy who I think wore a backwards red baseball hat. In the movie they go and battle a whole bunch of different monsters in an arena. I remember one monster was gross because it snot was dripping from it’s nose and it kept wiping it all around. When they were fighting that monster, it kept going at the boy and saying things like “Give me a kiss!” or something like that. I really want to find this cartoon and hope somebody recognizes it by what I’ve written. I would appreciate it!

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