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I saw this movie when I was a young teen – my Grandmother made me watch it and at the time I really wasn’t interested because it was black and white. My grandmother recently passed away, and now I’m hoping to be able to find some of these films and re-watch them in her memory. She was always trying to get me to watch old British films because she grew up in England. I feel bad I never cared for the films before, but I was young and I feel like the subject matter in most of them was too heavy for me. I found this site while trying to search for them and actually found the answer to another film I was looking for that was solved just recently (the knack and how to get it)  Anyway, there was one I found sort of amusing and I’d like to give it a re-watch. It’s about this boy who is always lying. He daydreams himself into all sort of elaborate situations. No one trusts him though because he lies so much. At one point he steals some money, and a cop comes asking about it, and of course he lies. He had hid the money in the drain pipe and it just so happens to be raining while the cop is there. The rain washes the money out and the cop sees it.
It was black and white and probably from the 50’s

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother.
    I’m pretty sure you’re mixing two films together. The first part about the lying and daydreaming sounds like Billy Liar, the second part with the money in the drain pipe is definitely The Loneliness of the long distance runner. Both films came out around the same time, both B&W, British, and starring Tom Courtenay. If your grandmother had you watching these kinds of films and you weren’t that interested while watching, I can see it being easy to mix up. I’m really into British new wave films, and so far on this site they seem to be the only questions I’ve been able to solve lol


  2. Awesome! I think you’re right…honestly I get things like that mixed up all the time lol. That’s definitely the guy I remember and I just watched the trailer for Billy Liar and it’s what I remember. Thanks =)

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