Old British movie about a governess in prewar times

Hello all!

Maybe you can help me to find a movie I’ve seen years ago in an English class. My English was very poor back then so I watched it as a silent movie, the only said thing I got was when someone arrived to this house and said: “War!” 😀

(no clue, whether it was WWI or WWII).

SO what I remember,

there was a rich (?) man and he had a 2-3 kids (maybe more), I don’t remember where his wife was. He had a huge house in the countryside (I think two-floor at least) and he hired a girl to be a governess for his house and take care of his kids. I think the first floor of this house has checkerboard floor (not sure on this one tbh).

And then the war broke out. There were black cars on the streets at those times. And I think this man and this governess were romantically involved  toward the end, I’m not sure though.

That’s it. I know it’s really messy, but maybe someone will recognize a movie. Thank you all for reading, have a nice day everyone!

5 thoughts on “Old British movie about a governess in prewar times

      1. Thank you, thank you, thank you both!! Yes, that’s the one! You made me so happy!!

        Turns out it’s not British one at all, lol

        Thank you again for your prompt responses and for your help!

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