Old Animated (not Disney) movie or two

The first movie Id like to ask about is an animated but not cartoon (so kinda 3D) movie. It probably came out when I was a kid so 2005-2008 could be valid. There was a sick king, something in the plot may have had to do with a mirror, and a gross freaky guy in the sea. Thanks for everything.
The second is a Wizard of Oz movie but I believe it was animated. I probably saw it in 2007. It had a different witch and that’s all I really remember.
Finally, there’s a rapunzel movie I remember from maybe 8 years ago, it had a dragon I think and a ball and something to do with Mirrors and a maze as well.
Quick note,
Does anyone know the name of the scooby doo with the Beauregard and “leave this place”?
Thanks for all consideration and time.

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I'm from PA. I like cooking shows, horror movies, those old animated movies that weren't exactly Disney, and 90's comedies.

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