Old action movie search

I am looking for a action movie, and I can remember only this:

  1. Movie is fighting action movie – definately pre 2000 (watched on VHS), and in orderly fashion – hero against villain, one on one, both are man, very similar look, even lookalikes, brunettes, movie is maybe asian maybe english, more likely english, dont remember actors,
  2. Their strength and speed, fighting skills are artificially manipulated by people sitting behind computers, through some implanted microchips in them, our hero has implanted oudated one, villain has newer & more powerful one,
  3. final fighting scene is that hero is wearing completely black suit and antagonist is wearing completely white one, they both fight against each other as people behind PCs in the background monitor real time & increase power/strength of the villain, real fight starts after one of such increases occurs into overdrive, then characteristic part of the scene – antagonist/villain just right after coming into the scene – breaks his sunglasses with his look/eyebrows/ears only, to demonstrate his power & glasses splits in two pieces and fall down, then he looks at our hero and fight starts (maybe he says something IDK). Villain is finally killed by motorcycle when hero in black puts one of the running wheels between villains legs and accelerate the bike.
  4. Completely not sure but I got this movie hero name in my head “Grey/Gray” & movie name “rewind”/”erase”, or something similar, but it may be way off.Google cannot help, I did not find it on IMDB nor whatismymovie.com.

    Please help me to identify it.

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