old 80s or early 90s (erotic) Comedy, Pilgrim/Salem style, gorgeous witch in doll

I saw this movie in the early 90s; so it could be 90s, or 80s or even 70s. An Erotic-Comedy in the pilgrim times (or Salem style), a gorgeous black haired witch is trying to seduce a guy, I think the witch must have sex with him in order to keep her beautiness, but the guy is in love, as usual, with a blonde local girl who works at a bakery shop. I’m sure it didn’t make it to the Oscar’s, but as a young boy, it really made me laugh, when the witch and the handsome guy are in the same bedroom I think he goes to open the windown and suddenly the witch appears infront of the guy dressing in a sexy body lingerie and asks to the guy: “Do you think that (Sarah?) will look like this”, and the guy replies “well, with the same clothes and accesories…” and suddenly the owner of the hotel/house enters the bedroom and ask: “is everything ok?” and even thought the guy is in his underwear and she is in lingerie,  the witch replies: “yes, we are just reading the bible” even today I still use that  line, LOL.

Some other good hints: The witch turns the bakery shop into an “erotic bakery shop” LOL; during the witch trial infront of the whole community, the teacher of a religious school (perhaps only school, I can’t remember pretty well) and her pupils go to support the blonde heroin accused of witchcraft and decide to sing a song, but the witch casts her magic and suddenly all the students start singing to the devil LOL; the guy hits countless time his balls; at the beginning of the film, news arrrive from England that Lunch time was discovered, so pilgrims finally start having lunch time

I hope anyone can help me! 😉

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