Odd Horror Movie Memory

There is much, but little that I remember about this movie I’m looking for.

The opening scene is a pair of teenagers making out heavily in a car.  Them, and a few others are going to an abandoned house for a weekend. A pair of thieves show up, too and steal a ring from a grave in the nearby graveyard. Near the beginning,  when everyone arrives, there’s a sex scene, up until vampires and undead start showing up.  The guy in the make-out pair was thought to be dead, but was unconscious, and before all is said and done, most of those kids die and some turn undead…as well as a sex scene between a turned teenager and his girl human.  The only way they think to save themselves is to return the ring to the head vampire.

I saw this on DVD in 2003.  I can’t remember the name.

Hope this helps.

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