Obscure horror film in which a young woman accidentally hangs herself (60’s or 70’s)

When I was 5 or 6 (91′ or 92′) I awoke to a movie on tv in which a young girl was wandering around in  a dingy basement clattered with old school desks. She finds a noose strung up over a cross beam and puts it on. The scene didn’t seem as if it was intentional for her to hang herself, but instead curiosity of the sensation. I vividly remember her teetering back and forth on the desk (or maybe stool) she was standing on before it up ends and she desperately tries to replace her feet. Very tight shots on her feet as they prod around trying to keep her up. Very unsettling for a young kid to see, but its stayed with me in fragments for years…just want to see if it still holds up now. Other Clue fragments include:

  • Very grainy 60’s or possibly 70’s if lower budget. Possibly european? (if my 5 year old brain could guess)
  • One other scene included a dream sequence in which a woman is followed and attacked by stray cats, perhaps near a church? Sorry if this is vague or components differ from actual movie, its been about 20 years since seeing this, so i can’t tell if my imagination has saturated my memory….thanks for any guesses.

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