Numb man mourning dead wife


I have this childhood memory of a movie my mom was watching when I was a little kid in the mid 90s on Danish television (I know the movie wasn’t Danish).

The movie is about an old man who has lost he ability to speak and sits in this special chair with tubes in his neck (this is how he communicates). He lives all alone in what I remember as a big old house/castle. This young blond beautiful woman takes care of him and they form a loving friendship in spite of him being this dark and haunted soul (at least in eyes of a very young me).

He watches old videos (or slides) of his dead wife (who looks very much like his young nurse). She was a horse rider and died very young in a jumping competition.

Okay, now to the weird part. He has the wife buried in this sci-fi’ish oxygen glass coffin in the floor so her body is preserved. He shows all of this stuff to his nurse and even though it sounds super creepy it’s all very poetic and sad. I don’t remember more other than it ends with him telling his nurse friend that his time has come and she helps him down in the glass coffin next to his wife where he dies (happy to finally meet her again I guess).

I don’t remember any other characters or lines. Since I was too little to know any other language but Danish I’m not 100% it was in English. Maybe it could be from Germany/France/Russia (my parents guess). My mom has no memory of this movie.


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