Nude guy on the road

So sometime back, I saw a movie clip on youtube that has since been deleted. I remember finding the movie on IMDB, thinking I may want to watch it later but have completely forgotten it. The scene features a woman holding a man captive in his car. They pull over and she forces him to undress. The guy says this is crazy and that she wouldn’t leave him like this. Cut to the guy naked on a road covering himself with a mailbox (maybe?) and being laughed at by a bunch of kids on a passing school bus. He is later given a ride by some redneck looking guys and later steals some clothes (maybe from a scarecrow). From what I remember, the movie came out in the early 90s and was a comedy, though don’t hold me to anything as all details are very fuzzy. It seems like a stupid movie not worth my time but it keeps bugging me that I cannot remember the name!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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