Not very well known movie about high schoolers in time loops

Hey there Skootch back again. I was watching a movie about time loops called Before I Fall and another one that I’ve seen popped in my head. It’s not Repeaters, Happy Death Day/HDD 2U, Source Code, Edge of Tomorrow, Primer, or Arq, there’s probably a few other ones I’m forgetting about. The movie starts out with some friends going to a house party and lightning strikes the house or some other weird occurrence happens and weird time loops and duplicates of all the main characters start popping up all over the house. IIRC one of the main guys stars killing a bunch of people because he figures it doesn’t matter, the main girl and guy try and figure out a way to fix everything. At one point one of the guys hooks up with a really pretty girl and they start having sex and her duplicate shows up and the guy asks them if they’ll both hook up with him and they do, I think. There’s a big rave that goes on in the back of the house. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the movie though. TIA.

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