Norwegian movie about man chased into a museum by nazis and trapped in painting

This is a movie my mother saw in 1964, but it could have been made earlier. It’s a Norwegian film and involves a Jewish man being chased down by the Nazis. He often visits an art gallery and admires a calming painting of a man fishing. One night he breaks in to escape the Nazis. It is dark so he can’t see the paintings but he knows where his favorite is, so he stands in front of it and wishes himself into the painting. The Nazis can’t find him and leave, and as the camera pans away there are distant screams for help. The paintings had been rearranged during the day and the man is trapped in some horrible scene.

Haven’t been able to track it down. Appreciate any help!

4 thoughts on “Norwegian movie about man chased into a museum by nazis and trapped in painting

  1. That sounds like the third story in the pilot for “Night Gallery”(1969) called
    ‘The Escape Route’.
    ‘Starring Richard Kiley as a WWII concentration camp captain hiding in some South American city, where he becomes strangely fixated with an idyllic painting of a man fishing in a mountain lake. The painting hangs in a museum, and he spends day after day in there just staring at it and eventually feels himself drawn into the painting. It’s a relief to be hounded no longer by the war crimes police when he’s in the painting. But back in reality he’s recognized as a Nazi who was condemned after the war, and a former camp inmate tells the police about him. Kiel runs to the museum, intent on going into the life in the painting for good. But he makes a big, big mistake and will spend eternity paying for it and his crimes against humanity.’

    1. Thank you! Mom says that might have been it. Either it’s a different version or she misremembered some of it. Thanks for the help! 🙂

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