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I’ve watched this movie on a pirated dvd with plenty of movies in it including “emmanuelle 1,2” etc., then the name of the dvd was “europa” but i don’t remember the title of that particular movie that has kept some scenes inside my head. the problem is i lost that dvd and I can’t find it anymore.

the scenes were:

  • (i think at the beginning) a thin teenage girl bathing in chocolate syrup in the chocolate factory i guess
  • (maybe at the end or in the middle) this same girl was being pushed by an old woman and a middle-aged man in the swimming pool.

this movie was also old. i guess late 90’s and maybe european, with an english sub

that’s all i could remember and i’m really not sure about the details i have given.

if anyone is familiar about this movie, i hope you could help 366 Weird Movies
thanks 🙂

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