Nightmare in Space?

I watched this movie on VHS around 93′ to 95′. Characters are on a desolate planet and are scientists possibly. A man whom looms like Shel Silverstein is in a tunnel and gets his hands chopped off by a weapon that he throws. He falls to the bottom of the hole/tunnel and the scene cuts to a naked woman. This woman walks around and eventually has her head bitten off (still nude) by a giant spider. That’s all I recall. It was the first R-rated movie I ever saw and it terrified me for years.

3 thoughts on “Nightmare in Space?

    1. Wow! This (Galaxy of Terror)is most definitely the movie. Thanks AlexDuLarge, you’re awesome! A shabby 23 year old memory and you cracked the case lightning fast.

  1. The faster the answer comes, the more likely it is to be right. If no one answers within a few hours it will probably remain unsolved.

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