New York movie

I saw this in color movie between 2005-2012 most likely.  A young man and woman meet through friends in New York City.  They fall in love quickly and get married.  They live in a small one bedroom apt in NY city, and the husband is the breadwinner.  The wife is bored and wants something to do.  She eventually tries catering and cooks from her apt, taking the food to various events around town.

She becomes very passionate about it and feels that she has found her calling.

The husband’s brother comes to visit for a few weeks and brings his girlfriend. The brother has some depression, drug issues and the wife is concerned.  Later in the movie they receive a letter that says the brother died.  The husband’s father comes to visit after the brother’s funeral and they have a heart to heart.  The wife is feeling her marriage falling apart and wants to separate.  She tells the husband she is going to her mother’s and the last scene shows her leaving the apt with her luggage.  The husband is alone.

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