neo noir movie with hit and run and a loop plot

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I am looking for a movie of a given description:

Movie plot was presenting a story of a pair: man and a woman, who were traveling at late sunset and night on a freeway.

They had an accident and have hit someone. Then they decided to bury the body in the bushes aside of a freeway. There were also scenes at a freeway restroom: a pair sitting out side on a table and in the car, flickering streetlight with a swarm of bugs. There might been a thing that cops have found a watch maybe?

Then the police got in the plot and the pair decided to unbury the body but when they went back the body was gone. It might be important that thier car lights were lighting that area. Then the man was running away from the cops. There was a car chase and finally a man had a car crash.

His body was throwed away from the car and he suffered multiple damage to his skin since he was sliding on the asphalt. His body was disfigured but he was still alive. Any way he looked like a bloody mess.

Most important clue is that after his car crash he was walking down the road for a bit and then suddenly he was hit by a same car as he owned.  Shockingly the people who hit the man were revealed to be the same pair from the begining. So the whole idea of the movie was some sort strange time loop.

So: pair hits someone then that someone appears to be the man from the pair

Whole story takes place at desert highway and at night.

Also the movie was described as “noir” but was done probably after 2005

it was done with real life actors but had strong comic-ish design. It was in English, probably produced in USA. It was in color. Main actors were in thier late 20s early 30s. Car might been kinda vintage.

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