Neighbor with devil mask?

My mom has been looking for this movie forever. It’s an older movie, probably from around the late eighties/early nineties, as she watched it when she still lived at home. She’s from 1977, moved out in 97, so somewhere in between that.

It’s NOT night visitor 🙁 

It’s not anything supernatural, meaning it’s not a vampire or zombie or anything like that.

She’s sure she recalls:

– it’s about a boy and a girl (not super young, her guess is like 15-17, high school age?) who goes to the same school and are in the same class.

– one day they sit on one of the twos room, and for fun they take some binoculars and look through the windows into their neighbors house.

– as they look, they see the neighbor wearing a “devil mask with horns”, they see him killing a woman (cutting through her with a giant sword thing, she’s lying on a table with candles and stuff, like a sacrifice)

– as they look into the house, he turns around and stares directly at them. So he knows they were looking and saw him kill the lady. 

She’s unsure: 

She says she believes the neighbor/devil was the kids teacher. And something about a van.. lol 

Anything? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Neighbor with devil mask?

    1. I already wrote in the post that that is not it, but I really thought so too when someone suggested it on Reddit. But mom says no :/ Thanks though!

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