Need to know a strange movie with a dog ghost?

Hello. I am writing to you because I no longer know who to ask, you are the last hope I can ask here, otherwise this film will be forgotten. in short, I'll just tell you about a few images in my head, I don't know anything else. I know this movie is about a ghost dog, or maybe the folk legend of the black dog (I've already checked out similar movies like cujo, rottweiler, man best friends, or dog soldier, but none of them seem to be). I only know that the film was about a dog, black, like the one in the book of goosebumps so to speak, called a "ghost dog". the dog looks exactly like the picture in the book, but I'm not sure, because I was only 7 years old. however the scene I remember was that this dog was trying to break through a house door, but he was unable to enter. Then it seemed to me that the dog was long dead, and it was impossible that it was that dog that had broken it. Another scene was that someone was driving in a car, and there was this fog, and all of a sudden the dog had materialized behind the passenger seat of the car, with red eyes, which then attacked the man and killed him. The ending of the film I only remember that it ended with a woman, the house was blown away by a strong hurricane and all of a sudden a huge dog possessed by the demon materialized, which seemed to me the woman was saying that that dog was her husband (possible?) . that's all. I hope you can really help me a lot, thank you very much

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