need help remembering a movie

Ok this movie came out 3-5 or so years ago. the details are vage but here i go from memory. theres a company that invented a civilization inside a computer program and they can transfer into that world and intereact with the people in that world but it turns out that they themselves come to find out that they also are in a computer generated world. Thats about all i can remember. Oh at the end the actual real world there is a guy that comes to the computer generated world where the main characters think is real and he kills people for fun and at the end the guy kills the main guy and that transfers him to the actual real world and he wakes up to the bad guys wife, which they love each other because she would also visit that world and they fell in love then.

please help me out with this movie anybody. thanks

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  1. im pretty sure the city they were in was LA. and the guys first finds out that he lived in a computer “world” was when he drove outside the city and went passed an “end of the road” sign and kept going and discovered a digital wall or something like that

    1. thirteenth floor looks almost exactly like it but that one was made in 1999. so is there a remake of thirteenth floor? cause the one i watched was only a few years ago in the theater

  2. Interesting, since The Thirteenth Floor was a remake itself – or at least a second take on the same source novel adapted by Fassbinder as World on a Wire in 1973. Could you have seen World on a Wire? It was originally made as a miniseries for German TV, but the Criterion Collection released it Stateside only a few years ago.

  3. The restored WOAW runs 3.5 hours. But I suppose it could have been given a limited theatrical run. Do you remember your movie being (very) long?

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