Need help finding a wedding movie

I need to find this movie or TV episode. The story has a wedding in it and I only remember a short 5 minute scene.

It’s late at night and the setting is at a bed and breakfast, a manor, or a home. I want to believe it is a castle like manor/bed and breakfast.

Two male friends arrive late at night and on the way up the stairs to their room they run into a father with his son on the stairs. They exchange greetings and ask each other if they are from the bride or grooms side.

The father introduces himself and then turns to his son who he introduces with this quote

“and this is Shaunter… The famous bedwetter.”

To which Shaunter exclaims.

“but daaaaddy that isn’t fair!”


Here are a few more things Im not 100% on.

I don’t know how to spell Shaunter, seanter, shawnter, I’ve tried endless variations.

I want to believe that it is a British show/movie.

I also think that the boy may have witnessed his dad cheating on his mom earlier with another guest which lead to his anxious bed wetting.

Honestly if when I die, I’m given a choice to go to heaven or learn the source of this scene I will gladly choose hell and learn the origin of my cinematic nightmare. Thank you 🙂

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