naked space travel chambers with blood/gore and nudity

I saw this movie maybe around mid to late 90s to early 2000s.

It had a “classic, brutal, space film” vibe to it.

It was on TV, though I’m sure it was a movie, not a show.

The scene I remember:
The crew on a space ship – a small ship and small crew (~maybe <12 people?) – has a situation in which they quickly need to do some sort of dimensional jump. To do that they need to enter each a special “stasis/travel chamber/capsule/whatever”. And they need to be fully naked for this, else bad stuff happens to their body. A problem occurs: the capsule of a crew member doesn’t work properly. Time is running short. The captain/commander(?) swaps places with his crew member and they do the jump.
After the jump, they get out of their capsules and find the captain turned into a disgusting meat-sack. A steaming, molten pile of flesh, partly fused to the capsule.

Other things I remember from that scene:
– the capsules transparent (glass), and stood upright (people were standing in it)
– nude woman (bare breasts) before she entered the capsule
– people wearing dog tags?- the scene was darkly lit with bluish lights

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