Mystery/Comedy/Drama like “In Bruges” or “Hot Fuzz” takes place in some boggy town.

I only saw the trailer, sometime in the last five years. I really wanted to see it.

I don’t remember that many details:

Definitely remember subtitles, possibly partly English (or English v/o narration).

Took place in a remote mysterious ‘boggy’ town in a country like Iceland or Scotland. (“The ground seeps”)

At one point there’s a montage of people saying the name of the town and even a cat ‘says’ the name of the town. The name sounded like a cat meowing, and was something like “Moine” or “Majrn”.

There was a quick shot of two (maybe brothers?) guys who look similar, and one guy leans to reveal the other in the same pose directly behind him. It reminds me of the two mustached cops with the same name in “Hot Fuzz”.

I can’t remember the plot, but the main character might have been a cop or detective come to the town to investigate something, I feel like he had a crummy red car though.

Please Help!


3 thoughts on “Mystery/Comedy/Drama like “In Bruges” or “Hot Fuzz” takes place in some boggy town.

  1. Solved! Thank you! Yes!!
    I guess I was confusing it with “Hot Fuzz” as it seems much less comedy and more creepy.
    I knew I remembered a cat saying the name, although it’s not the name of the town or the movie.

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