Movies about a marine, snow storm and a land lady

I have three movies to ask about.  1st One: movie where the state or country is very cold, in the movie it shows a couple like they were camping but they froze to death, there’s another scene where the main character threw a thick book in the fireplace to keep warm.( I think the title has avalanche in it).                                                                                                2nd One: A nuclear family either purchase or rent a house but their landlady was very miserable and he found out that she had a daughter that died, when he went to the cemetery to look at one of his relatives grave. and when he went back home he said to his wife “did you know Elizabeth had a daughter”?             SOLVED: (The Christmas Box)                                                            3rd One: This one is about a young couple who was married, the man was part of the Marines but he catch some skin disease while away and his wife would always write letters asking for help, there was a scene where he threw a book across her while she was typing, the marks in his body was very visible.

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    1. I’m not sure if it’s it, all I remembered is the man throwing the book in the fireplace and some people freeze to death, I think the title has avalanche or category 3,4 or so in it, not sure, I will watch it and see 🙂

    1. It’s very similar to it, the man in the one I described had some kind of skin disease that left red patches on his skin, he’s a marine or navy man and his wife was always writing letters asking for help I think she’s a blonde also, maybe it’s from the 90s, The couple in the movie is in the 20 – 30s age bracket

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