Movie With Kids Playing Chess For The Life Of An Unborn Child

I don’t know the name of this movie and it’s not a movie that i have seen it is a movie that my cousin has seen. He’s been looking for it everywhere and can’t find it which is something that does bother him since he is a movie fanatic.The movie is in color and in English. He told me that in the movie there are two kids (I think they’re both boys) playing chess for the life of a child that isn’t born yet. The mother of the child, which my cousin believes is played by maybe Kirstie Alley, is watching the kids play chess. The mother is pregnant in the movie and is waiting for the kids to finish off the game to have the child, which will end up being the winner of the game. One of the children is evil. I’ve checked all the filmography for Kirstie Alley but haven’t found anything that fits the description so it might just be possible that he got the wrong actor since he said that it had been long a time since he had seen. He did not tell me when exactly he had seen but if you have any suggestions on what it might be based off the description then that would be great!


2 thoughts on “Movie With Kids Playing Chess For The Life Of An Unborn Child

  1. The “Village of the Damned” remake? It has Kirstie Alley in it. But I haven’t watched the movie in a long time.

  2. As far as I can tell there are no chess scenes in that movie and that is the detail that my cousin remembers the most

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